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Web Link Mark's Daily Apple

A massive resource, blogger, and nutritionist mostly leaning towards Primal (inclusion of more dairy).  You may recognize Mark from the end of many P90X videos.

Web Link Civilized Caveman

Author of Caveman Feast - 200+ Paleo/Primal Recipes. George seems like a heckuva guy and has made some really great tasting meals on his website. I applaud his efforts in the Paleo community.

Web Link Balanced Bites

Author of Practical Paleo and the 21 Day Detox

Web Link Primal Body Primal Mind

Author of Primal Body, Primal Mind - Beyond the Paleo Diet

Web Link Nom Nom Paleo

A fellow blogger that works the graveyard shift but manages to still push out some great meals on her site.  Hat's off!

Web Link The Clothes Makes the Girl

Author of Well Fed and consultant for It Starts With Food's menu planner.

Web Link PaleOMG

Yet another wonderful Paleo blogger belting out some tasty meals.

Web Link Robb Wolf

Author of the Paleo Solution and one of the progenitors of the Paleo movement.  You'll find his influence across the web and is consulted on many of the Paleo recipe books out there.

Web Link Whole 9

Authors of It Starts With Food and operators of the Whole9 website

Web Link Primal Palate

Authors of Make it Paleo and their 30 Day Introduction to Paleo ebook


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