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Still Drinking Sodas?

on Wednesday, 16 January 2013. Posted in General Health, Mind and Machine

Liquid Poison

Raise your hand if you have a soda within arms reach (that's Pop to you northerners)?  I used to be right there with you.  I was drinking a 2 liter about every 2 days along with hitting up drink machines through the day.  I was a Pepsi-aholic.  I drank Pepsi for the better part of my life which was the greater part of my nearly 37 years on the planet.  That's a LOT of soda.  I remembered in the 80's that Pepsi had a very distinct difference in flavor and it wasn't until the Throwbacks came out did I come to understand the difference in sugars.  I won't lie.  I loved the taste and the carbonation and I still have the urge to grab one every once in a while but for the most part my addiction is curbed.  Addiction.  Yeah that's exactly what it is and studies are now showing that sugar has a higher addiction rate than cocaine (at least according to some rats that the tests were run on).

I won't be one of those ex-people that tells you that it's a bad habit and you need to quit but I will expose the potential harm, why I stopped, and what exactly you're consuming.

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